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Thread: disable Documents cause Briefcase not working

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    Default disable Documents cause Briefcase not working

    Dear All,

    In order to meet customer requirement, we need to disable Document feature. and After disable that from COS, it turns that users can not use Briefcase any more. for instance, to access a public Briefcase link returns :

    HTTP ERROR: 400

    Notebook is not enabled for user

    Powered by Jetty://

    Does anyone have similiar issue ?

    zmprov command output for Briefcase/Notebook feature:
    zimbraFeatureBriefcasesEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled: FALSE

    This is Open source edition / 5.0.13 on CentOS 4.x

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    Known problem, already several threads in the forum...
    Fixed in 6.0 : Bug 32003 – Can't share Briefcases if Document is disabled

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