I just installed Zimbra 5. I created the needed user accounts and everything works just fine.

I imported an Office 2007 PST file and all mail and addresses imported but when remote users in other states connect to the Zimbra server and view their contacts, they can only see the top part of the contact info, the "work" section. The "home" and "notes" section is missing. But when viewed on the local network, it works just fine, you can see the "home" and "notes".

Additionally remotely, you click on "edit" to edit the contact, all of the info is missing, and when you enter additional info, it doesn't register. As if remote users can't fully edit a contact and can't fully view it. I tried changing from "Advanced (Ajax)" view to "Standard HTML" and in HTML they can see everything when logging in remotely.

This is completely baffling. Anybody have any clues?