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Thread: [SOLVED] truly understanding the daily reports

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    Default [SOLVED] truly understanding the daily reports


    I've combed through the docs and didn't find much about my question.

    Must be cuz I'm 1/4 Polak but what does most active senders and most active recipients really mean?

    Is it most active senders wether from our domain and others to us?

    Is most active recipients mean recipients in our domain and to other domains from our domain as well?

    Reason is that I see legit addresses of most active recipients (people we actually know and communicate with) but from external domains.

    For example, is listed as most active recipient but our domain if

    We know and email often. The logs indicate no SPAM regarding this ady and infact it looks like normal mail traffic.

    Any input very welcome.

    Same for most active senders.


    After doing a zmmsgtrace I did confirm this.

    I'd rather Zimbra differentiate between the 2 however, meaning wether its an internal domain (like your zimbra domain) or an external domain (like every one else).
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