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    Question tagging and collaboration

    Noticed interesting feature on this picture:

    (drag message here to tag it)

    My 1. question would be: is it possible to implement "tagging categories" on a organization-wide basis ... tagging categories that would appear in user's client ?
    That means, when installing the client on user's machine, to have already tagging-categories (taxonomy) included in his/hers mail client.

    2. Can a message have multiple tags added to it?

    3. Also would it be possible somehow to publish a message, say on a certain part "forum" or "company blog" or "blackboard" or however you would call that, and have that message tag also exported with. That would mean that certain information is tagged with certain tags, and having the same tags (taxonomy) all over the company, that would help gather/classify various emails (information) in organized way.



    PS: Should this go to developers forum? Move it, please, if you find that more appropriate.
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