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Thread: 5.0.16 update - MIME types icons do not appear

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    Question 5.0.16 update - MIME types icons do not appear

    Can't seem to figure out where to post this in the forums without it either getting lost in the sauce or not being responded to by the set of folks who can address it. So, I'll post it here to start. I'll take any suggestions.

    Now to the issue:
    I have been awaiting the long sought MIME types fix for migrating/uploading my large file store to Briefcase to act as a shared drive, provide inclusive productivity all within Zimbra and inclusive of backup/recovery plan.

    What I have experienced before the update:
    • Before the update, when I drag-and-drop a single file into Briefcase, the MIME type and icon are correctly created and the companion *.meta file is created. This had been working for almost all file types including *.doc, *.rtf, etc. After the update, today I can drag-and-drop into Briefcase but no icon is created, just a question mark. Before the update, the icon would be created. This is on Mac 10.0.5 using FF 3.0.10.
    • Before the update, when I tar-gzipped a group of different files with different file format extensions, the MIME types were not recognized. Some files were not recognized by the browser while others were. Will be testing this out later today but seeing the above wasn't working with the icon, not sure about the results of this.
    • I has by SysOp write a python script to migrate the files over command line to follow the same conventions others have tried to get the same results. Alas, to no avail.
    • ZCS update 5.0.16 Release Notes state: ZCS now can determine the correct MIME type for a file so that these files
      open in the correct application (Bug 32536).
      While it looks like the MIME types are working as far as I can tell, Word files still do not show up with an icon.

    Any thoughts? Today, I am working on a iMac 20" Leopard machine using FF 3.0.10. I'll be checking other OS's throughout the day.

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