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Thread: How many users your zimbra serves?

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    Default How many users your zimbra serves?

    Hi, Everybody

    I'm testing zimbra right now and thinking in migrating from my current solution based in postfix+ldap+courier imap+clamav+amavis+spam assasin+squirrelmail to zimbra. I work in a college and we have 10.000 accounts with a goal of incrementing that number to 40.000 in the next 3 years. Currently, only one MTA is enough for our mail load. We have 2 servers with squirrelmail and 3 servers with ldap.

    One of my doubts is: can only one zimbra mailbox would be sufficient for our 10K users? I would like to know about your experiences with zimbra: how many accounts is reasonable to attend with one server, and, if you manage hundreds of users, which configuration you've found the best for your needs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have a small installation, just 2000 users. We rely on ActiveDirectory for the authentication. We used to have a postfix+dovecot+amavis+SA+Horde+imp setup that worked fine for several years. But users wanted more, so we gave them Zimbra (Open Source Edition).

    Great product, scalable, easy to configure, etc.

    BUT: never, ever, ever try to access it with another web client!!! We tried to ease the migration transition form one web client to the other but it killed the main server. Seems to me that zimbra speaks a dialect of IMAP that horde/imp (and squirrelmail) will have problems understanding, somethign to do with the mailbox sorting done on the client, instead of the native client.

    This point me to that direction:
    Re: [SM-USERS] Squirrelmail pointing to Zimbra

    About how if one server will be enough, depend on how many transactions you have, simultaneous users, etc. Maybe the recomended multi-server configuration explained on the documents will work for you.

    Storage I/O speed may become an issue and how you want to backup your data too.

    Just some ideas.

    Best regards,


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