I recently moved a fully functional installation to a new domain and on a new WAN and LAN IP. It is the current ZCS 3.1 installation on SUSE 10.0

Since the change of hostname and IP address I have been able to make the majority of the installation functional again. However I am unable to send from an email client continually getting the recipient address rejected.

I have SMTP auth enabled and have tested by entering an invalid set of credentials and it returns an authentication error.

The MTA TLS authentication only is off. When i turn it on i receive an Entourage does not support any of the available authentication methods.

Another weird effect of the move is that the /var/log/zimbra.log is now empty. I do have current entries inb the /opt/zimbra/log/zimbra.log file but they only relate to info and imapsslserver connections. No mention of failed SMTP attempts.

when i run postconf is see the mydestination includes $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost

I do not want to change this without further knowledge as i don't want to enable a spam relay server. Is this where my issue is?

My networks includes and The mail server is by itself on this network so i have not tested local sending. Sending works fine from the webmail client so i think that appropriatly tests the local sending.

thanks alot