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Thread: Weird calendar issues (involving Zimbra, Blackberry, NotifyLink)

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    Default Weird calendar issues (involving Zimbra, Blackberry, NotifyLink)

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone here has seen issues like this in the past and knows what to do about them.

    We have a user who uses the Zimbra Web client (advanced/AJAX version) and a Blackberry (connected via the NotifyLink software/service). The user has issues where events get duplicated all the time (both on Zimbra and the device).

    Notify tells us that the duplicates are both originating on the server side so they believe the device/notify software is not causing the duplicates.

    I have not seen this issue happen with any of other (500 or so users) but I have no idea:
    - What is causing it
    - How to fix it

    Anyone have any insight into this? It would very much be appreciated.

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    We have seen similar issues, although I only have one user on Zimbra/NotifyLink/Blackberry with another due to come in a week or so. Just this past week 3 calendar items (all from remote invitations I believe) got added to the user's calendar about 50 times each.

    Saw messages in the logs like this...

    2009-06-18 14:34:11,466 INFO [btpool0-395] [name=xxxxxxx;mid=12;DeviceId=302d2dd1;DeviceType=N otifySync;class=Calendar;client
    id=-142220311245359753480;folder=10;SyncCmd=Sync;] mailop - Adding CalendarItem: id=34307, Message-ID=<xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, folderId=10, folderName=Calendar, invite=Happy Hour Logistics.

    It appeared to me that it was happening because of an issue on the blackberry device. I upgraded the notifysync software on the blackberry and today things seem to be functioning normally. If anyone else sees this kind of behavior please add details to this thread. I'll try to note NotifySync version numbers if I see similar results over the next week or two.


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