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Thread: [SOLVED] From Field is grayed out when creating Persona

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    Default [SOLVED] From Field is grayed out when creating Persona

    I am using zcs-5.0.16 GA

    I have added a external gmail account but when I tried to modified the From Field email address. It only gives me one option, which is my local default. and wouldn't let me modify it.

    I also tried to do it under persona, same thing. I can't change the From Field email address. only the name part can be modified. Please help.
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    To manually allow specific addresses-
    Admin console gui > Account > Preferences tab> Allow sending email only from these:

    zmprov ma +zimbraAllowFromAddress

    Or if you would like to let them send as any email you set:
    zmprov mc COSname zimbraAllowAnyFromAddress TRUE
    zmprov ma zimbraAllowAnyFromAddress TRUE

    Pic of it FALSE:

    Pic of it TRUE (notice how you can now type in a value):

    So it's not an unchecked quantity vote for Bug 29974 - persona/external account from field address verification

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    Thumbs up It worked Thanks


    thanks you for such detailed reply. It works like a charm...

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