We're running ZCS 5.0.16 on SLES 10 SP2 and came across an issue with shared subfolders.

Before filing a bug, I decided to have a look here on the forums to see what others experienced.

We're also about to deploy Zimbra at our client's premises and we expect them to complain if we haven't fixed it.

Thing is: When we share a folder, all subfolders and their contents is shared, which is the expected behavior. However, for some user "Sent Items" folders, only some subfolders are accessible through the share. A workaround has been found, which is to manually and separately share all subfolders and recreate the arboresence in the user-accessing-the-share left had side pane. And when a folder decides not to share its subfolders, there's nothing we can do to fix it (unless the workaround).

We'd like to know if somebody else came into this kind of issue and how it's been fixed, as we know our clients will find this very irritating.