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Thread: problem adding external account

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    Default problem adding external account

    I am trying to add external accounts and get the following for 143-imap and 993-imap/s respectively:

    Error: * BYE JavaMail Exception: Socket closed

    Error: d2:CN19:b4.blarg.x.y.com1:O0:2:OU0:6:accept4:true5 7000e4:host19:b4.blarg.x.y.com3:icn19:b4.blarg.x.y .com2:io0:3:iou0:3:md532:16ED7C731DE644C9184C72A82 F4FF3228:mismatch5:false1:s8:8D48C1F04:sha140:87DC 1886F9AABB8429E40C44476C522E8EEA9D912:toi125069784 7000ee
    Note: If you continue to save, account will be marked inactive.
    Press Cancel to return to editing accounts.

    It works for pop haven't tried pop/s.


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    I encounter the same problem when trying to add external accounts and receive the message below:

    d2:CN19:mail.shclearing.com1:O26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite2:OU26:Zimbra Collaboration
    Suite6:accept4:true5:alias25: 36864:fromi1306493695000e4:host14: icn19:mail.shclearing.com2:io26:Zimbra Collaboration
    Suite3:iou26:Zimbra Collaboration
    Suit3:md532:9CC5302523D731502F42FF3B5FEF463F8:mism atch5:false1:s10:13064936864:sha140:5D3B7C52AA4CDA 5CD880EF8422EA86361124488A2:toi133802969400033

    Does anyone have idea about this? Thanks in advance


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