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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimbra Backups Fail - SOAP GUI Error

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra Backups Fail - SOAP GUI Error

    Release 5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition

    The error message in the GUI:

    Message: unknown document: BackupQueryRequest Error code: service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT Method: BackupQueryRequest Details:soap:Sender


    Backups would not work after a migration from RHEL -> Ubuntu 8.04. Running 'zmbackup -f -a all' would result in a 3.3MB backup of what seemed like just ldap data. Accessing the backup section in the GUI Admin resulted in the above error message.


    Running strace on zmbackup, the script was trying to access /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/backup/zimbrabackup.jar, which did not exist. The fix was to unpack the zimbra-store deb and copy opt/zimbra/lib/ext/backup into place.

    ar x zimbra-store_5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8_64_amd64.deb
    tar zxvf data.tar.gz
    rsync -aP opt/zimbra/lib/ext/backup /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/
    chown -R root.root /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/backup

    It was odd backups were working on the previous hosting provider's setup if this file was missing unless there was a fundamental difference between the files location between RHEL and Ubuntu.

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    For clarity, I think it's worth mentioning that this fix seems to require a Zimbra restart for it to take effect.


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