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Thread: migrating zimbra accounts to a new zimbra insance

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    Default migrating zimbra accounts to a new zimbra insance

    We have a old server which i just struggling to run the latest zimbra. We have new hardware with latest zimbra installed and configured.

    I can migrate all accounts to the new server fine. however for a period of 1 month i need to make sure both systems are up and running in parallel.

    what i would like to do is have all mail go to then store all mail like normal, but I would also like it to forward mail to the new server ( so for the 1 month period users can get their mail from either server.

    I have read the split domain wiki, but that does not deal with this case. Specifically I do not want to set this on a per user basis but on a all mail coming into the server basis.

    Anyone have any pointers?


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    Welcome to the forums

    You could clone the inbound SMTP stream using SnertSoft - roundhouse.

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    uxbod, thanks for that information.

    Is there not another way you can do this using zimbra, sort of like the store and forward settings in other MTAs, The reason being I may not have the ability to change the listening port on zimbra and install new software on the mail server.


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