We have a Zimbra NE 5.13 server on domain.com. We create sub-domains email.customername.com for our customers. We forward user@customername.com to user@email.customername.com. Email.customername.com is a registered Zimbra domain.

Since we forward our customers email addresses we get a problem with the auto-reply messages. The auto-reply does not work with our customers email addresses(user@customerdomain.com). The auto-reply only work when i send to the Zimbra account; user@email.customerdomain.com.

The solution for this should be to paste this in the terminal, logged in as Zimbra:
zmprov ma user@email.customerdomain.com zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeDirectAddress user@customerdomain.com
When I do this I get no visual feedback. I even tried to stop; start the mailbox. But it still does not work. I know that the message is only sent one time, so I use different providers like Gmail.

I have read that this works on NE v5.02. Is there an other method now?