We've migrated from Tobit David to Zimbra, and ran into a major inconvenience regarding fax messages.

Faxes received by Tobit are exposed as single part image/gif messages if they contain only one page, so that's how they ended up in Zimbra. While Zimbra perfectly displays the faxes if they are multipart (multiple pages in the fax), it displays nothing when you view the single part message.

The Content-Type header of these messages is set to image/gif. Is there any way to either
- view the messages directly?
- convert the existing messages to multipart somehow?
- trick Zimbra into believing it's an attachment?

Any solution or workaround would be greatly appreciated!

Also, when I'm posting this on Bugzilla... would it count as a bug or an RFE? I tend to think that it's a bug, but image/gif e-mails are very uncommon so perhaps you have a different opinion.