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Thread: Multiple domains on same dedicated server... multiple hostnames

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    Default Multiple domains on same dedicated server... multiple hostnames

    Hi everyone

    Currently we run Exchange SBS 2003 on a server located on our LAN, connected to the internet using our ADSL connection (20mbit BeThere)

    When we switch to Zimbra later in the year I was planning to run Zimbra on a dedicated server. Probably virtualised with VMWare using JeOS as the Zimbra guest OS. Since we're having more and more remote users, it will be a big advantage to have Zimbra running on a machine connected directly to the internet.

    My question is... how do I need to assign the hostname to the dedicated server if the Zimbra installation is to handle multiple domains.
    Would each domain name need its own IP address pointing to the server?

    I was under the impression that best practice for mail delivery was to make sure the machine's hostname matches the DNS record which is also referenced as a PTR record with the dedicated server provider?

    EG: It's easy to create A records for,, that all point to the same IP address.
    But the server's hostname and PTR record bit gets a bit difficult for multiple domain names... that's where I'm confused

    Thanks, B
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