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Thread: Zimbra as strictly a Calendar server

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    Default Zimbra as strictly a Calendar server

    Sorry in advance for length of this post

    We are looking to replace our existing calendar app (Meeting Maker) and are testing Zimbra. We already use CommuniGate Pro as our mail server and like it so we do not want to replace it, but it lacks some functionality within the calendar side. We want to set up Zimbra as strictly a calendar server and we have it 'kind of' working. Here is some background.

    1. I set up the server with Red Hat 4 as (so the domain name within Zimbra was

    2. I created accounts for people in Zimbra and kept the GAL local.

    3. I set up the Active Directory authentication (which was easy, thanks!) and users can log into either the web interface or the offline desktop and see their calendar, Zimbra mail (not their 'real' email) etc...

    4. Looks like I have to keep email turned on as a service for all the users because that is how calendar invitations get processed? As far as I can tell the piece of mail (the meeting invitation) never leaves the server? That seems to be true for the webmail interface, is that true for the desktop client?

    Is there a way to do invitations without having mail turned on for an account? Meeting Maker is nice in that you have a "Proposals" window.

    5. From what I remember I can successfully see free/busy time which is good.

    6. Since my domain in Zimbra ( does not have an MX record is it safe to say that users can send out meeting invites to external users (ex: but if that user tries to reply (with an accept) it is not going to work since mail can't be routed there...?

    7. Also, I wonder if there is a way to change the "Mail" tab so it reads "Meeting Invites" or something similar so people will not get it confused with their 'real' email accounts.

    8. Also, I would think all Calendar work would need to be done within either the Zimbra web interface or the Zimbra desktop client in order to get all the benefits of sending invitations and seeing things like Free/Busy time?

    If you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there!

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    You will still need mail turned on. Remember Zimbra is a full collaboration server.

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