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Thread: Making Mobile View Default

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    Question Making Mobile View Default

    I have some users in remote offices and the link there can be horrendous.
    Anyway, in the default class of service, I set HTML to be the default view but this view seems to have issues showing the messages full text.

    I want to make mobile view the default view but the option is not avalable on the admin console.

    When I tried to do it via command-line, I got stuck. These are the entries I saw:

    [zimbra@mailserver ~]$ zmprov gc default | grep -i html
    zimbraAttachmentsViewInHtmlOnly: FALSE
    zimbraFeatureHtmlComposeEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraFeatureViewInHtmlEnabled: FALSE
    zimbraNotebookSanitizeHtml: TRUE
    zimbraPrefHtmlEditorDefaultFontColor: #000000
    zimbraPrefHtmlEditorDefaultFontFamily: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
    zimbraPrefHtmlEditorDefaultFontSize: 12pt
    zimbraPrefMessageViewHtmlPreferred: TRUE
    My assumption is that I am to change the following:
    zimbraFeatureViewInHtmlEnabled: FALSE

    But where do I specify mobile view?

    What do I change to make mobile the default view?
    Any ideas?

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    I know this thread is old, but I've got the exact opposite issue: my default sign-in is the mobile view. It happens on every OS/browser/computer I use, and it's just my profile. I can't for the life of me figure out what changed it to this.

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