Hi all.

This weekend i try to upgrade my zimbra installation from 5.0.10 to the beta 6.

At first everything went ok, but when executing the ldapdiff, failed...
I got a broken zimbra upgrade...

I tried to do a new install, with the version i had before, and then, copying all the contents of the previous zimbra directory to the new one... of course that was wrong...

With the failed upgrade, my previous zimbra directory now contains parts from the beta 6 and some, i guess, of the 5.0.10..

I save that directory..

Now, i did a fresh install of zimbra 5.0.10. all the accounts are now set and working

My question is:
Is it possible, and if it is, how to do it:

I want to recover the previous emails (7G+) to the fresh zimbra install...copying the data directory or something, is it possible to recover the emails and contacts ?

Is very important...

cheers and thanks

Bruno Santos