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Thread: using auto-pick to find time people are free

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    Default using auto-pick to find time people are free

    Meeting Maker has a nice auto pick feature which will go out and find the next time when all the potential invitees to a meeting are available, I do not see this in Zimbra, am I missing it or does it not exist?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Default Auto-pick

    What you need is the calendar scheduler zimlet- it should be listed as an attachment to this bug: Bug 30940 – Calendar Scheduling Wizard Zimlet Issues

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    There is a "Calendar Scheduler" zimlet that gives a vaguely Outlook WebAccess-ish weekly view of everyone's availability, with auto-pick and click-for-a-time. It's still flagged as "experimental" and it takes some trial and error to figure out the UI, but I've had it enabled for about a year.

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