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Thread: Lost all email in Inbox using ThunderBird IMAP client -TWICE!

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    Default Lost all email in Inbox using ThunderBird IMAP client -TWICE!


    I have a self managed Zimbra installation using Red Hat Ent. with about 150 user accounts.

    I've experienced the same problem twice in the last 2 months: All the emails in my Inbox are lost!!!! Curiously, the email contained in the remaining folders (Sent, Trash, etc.) remains in place.

    I'm using ThunderBird version (20090302) configured to use the IMAP protocol.

    What should I do to:

    a.- Solve the (annoying) problem?
    b.- Restore my lost emails?

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    You'll need to post some detail of which version of Zimbra you're using and whether there's anything in the log files. The usual reasons for missing email is a connection by a POP3 client or you've got a filter that's removing them. As for recovery, if they've been deleted then they're gone.


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