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    Default Folder Positioning

    My company has some users that are use to MS Outlook. We have migrated ALL of our users to the Web AJAX version of Zimbra. The biggest thing they miss is the ability to hit the first letter of a folder and it position the list to those folders with that letter. These users have over 200+ folders and they explain that it is very time consuming to drag the folder list and then move the the email into it.

    Can you giver any suggestions or is there opportunity for a modifiction?



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    I've never heard of that function before, this is one of the things I love about this forum, you get to find out new things! Personally, I'd never use such a thing as I keep my email tightly organised and to me, 200+ folder sounds like a nightmare. I am quite sure though, that to those users, my way of organising email would seem insane. Each to their own

    As to what can be done about it, well, the function is not currently in Zimbra, but could be added in a number of ways, perhaps by adding an alphabet ladder to the left of the folder list in a similar way to how the address books work. You would need to add a request for enhancement for this in the bugzilla.

    Other than that, I'd say offer outlook back to the most important users and see if the rest can learn new tricks?

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    Or, show them the "Move" button on the toolbar. That pops up a scrollable folder list that can be used instead of dragging/dropping the message.

    Would be nice if the pop-up folder list was keyboard navigable (or if all of Zimbra was keyboard navigable). There are a couple enhancement requests related to this you can vote on in bugzilla, if desired.

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