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Thread: Automatically add online users to Chat

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    Default Automatically add online users to Chat

    Hi all..

    I am planning to give our users feature to chat using zimbra account using third party Pidgin tool.....

    I was just curious to know if Zimbra XMPP has a feature which can help to automatically add all the email accounts (Buddy's) to Pidgin buddy list (Than adding one by one)

    Looking forward for your suggestions


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    Sounds like a 'roster' feature. We currently use Openfire and Spark for our corporate IM as I can define department groups and put people in them, then when new accounts are made, they can see everyone in the company right away. I'd keep the Spark client but move the the Zimbra server, but it lacks this function at the moment.

    There's a number of posts in the forum and bugzilla about this, search for 'roster' and look about.

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    Any update. Been looking through jiveRoster... tables in mysql to see if there is anyway to do it via SQL.

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