I'm using ZCS 5.0.16 open source on CentOS and I have made a script that will backup and tar the /opt/zimbra folder every week.

I have a problem user on my Zimbra server and her latest gripe is that Zimbra magically deleted a whole months worth of e-mails. The other 20 active e-mail accounts have not reported this. I guess there are two parts to my question:

1) Is there a way to restore that backup so that she gets the missing months e-mails back without creating duplicates and without deleting anything that's been received since (on any accounts)?

2) Is there something specific I can look for in the logs to tell exactly what happened to those e-mails? I am somewhat of a Zimbra n00b and I would need to know which log to look at and what to look for.

My guess is that it's an ID10T error but still, I want to know what happened exactly.