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Thread: Optimum RAID drive configuration

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    Default Optimum RAID drive configuration

    I'm building a new machine to host zimbra. I use Highpoint's RocketRAID. the new server will run Ubuntu 8.04.

    I use RAID 1 because once per month i break the array by removing a hard drive and replace with another where all partitions have been removed. I find it's a good way to backup. I have another identical machine in the event of disaster.

    My SATA 500 GB drives are nearly full, and I'd like a little more speed. I considered RAID 10 but then I'd have to give up on the above monthly backup.

    Is it possible to spread the working load and storage over two separate mirrored arrays (4 drives)?

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    You sure can, it's called RAID10, 1+0, 0+1, and similar. Essentially you have 4 drives, 2 sets of RAID1 mirrors, then span across them with RAID0. The best solution though is to use a controller which supports RAID10 natively so you don't have to fiddle with it.
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