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Thread: Undesrtand Zimbra Documents

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    Default Undesrtand Zimbra Documents

    Hi all, I read the documentation and added a user to
    Configuration->Domains-> <domainname> -> Documents Tab
    Documents account name

    I can create notebooks and share them but I have not clear the funciont of the user I add in the Documents account name.
    What happen if I change it?
    Does it need special requirements?

    Actualy the templates folder is found in my admin account, is that correct?


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    I am also curious about this. In Zimbra 6.0 network edition, does changing the documents account to a single one for all the domains affect anything? Some of my customers don't want to have a seperate wiki@domain account just for documents (or don't want to pay for it). Wondering if I can amalgamate all the documents accounts into one and what the implications of that are.

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