Hello. Management recently decided to limit the use of several of my company's larger distribution lists. After consulting the wiki (RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki), we've configured restrictions on our company-wide "all" distribution list.

That address is "all@mycompany.com"

Unfortunately, we use several other lists as well which contain similar text, and it appears that somehow the restriction system is not discriminating effectively between the list we WANT restricted (above) and other lists which we'd prefer be open to all.

Thus far, in addition to "all@mycompany.com," several users have reported they are unable to send to "all-chimps@mycompany.com" as well as "all-zebras@mycompany.com."

That led me to suspect that the use of the "-" character in the distribution list name may be interfering with the process.

Can anyone offer insights or suggestions for me here? I'm thinking I can rename or rebuild the "all-chimps" and "all-zebras" lists without a "-" character in the name to test and see if they work, but I thought it might save trouble if someone else has already come up with a workaround (or a fix) that might be more appropriate.

Thanks for any suggestions.