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Thread: Fake Domain--SKIP

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    Default Fake Domain--SKIP

    In the system i am using we have our data entry guys enter a fake email address @NA.COM if a client refuses to give an email address to us to put into the system.

    Is it possible to make this not go in queue? and automatically send a bounceback saying something like No Address provided?

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    well you can modify postfix to not queue messages if it's a non existant domain. by default it will rettry for 5 days

    the downside to this is it can lead to legitimate e-mails not being delivered if the recipient is having a network problem. like if i run and my dns servers go offline for some reason for just a few hours, if you try to send an e-mail to normally it would get an unknown host, then retry in a few hours and then my dns servers would be up and i'd get the e-mail. if you make the change then it will error and say unknown host.

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