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Thread: Create 30000 accounts as quick as possible?

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    Default Create 30000 accounts as quick as possible?

    Dear All,

    for a urgent testing case, we need to create thousands of accounts in ZCS and do email-sending test. I'm running a script something like below for this purpose :

    while [ $count -le 30000 ]; do
    zmprov ca guest$count$mydomain 111111

    but it's kind of slow.
    Can anyone provide is there fast way to create 30000 accounts in ZCS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Every time you run zmprov or zmmailbox, it has to crank up a new JVM thread which is a lot of overhead; however, you can run it in batch mode.
    ie: It would be better to aggregate a list of actions and then send them all to one instance of zmprov:

    nano /tmp/
    while [ $COUNTER -lt 30000 ]; do
    echo "ca testing$ password" 1>>/tmp/provision.txt
    chmod 744
    zmprov < /tmp/provision.txt
    Or zmprov -f /tmp/provision.txt

    Infact it may be faster to do it via LDAP directly (zmprov -l < provision.txt) instead of mailboxd/Java/SOAP; though I haven't done an analysis in this case - some commands will need to talk to the mailbox server anyways.

    Just ran it on a vm with 512mb ram ~1ghz proc dedicated to it (ZCS 6.0.0 D2, all default settings, no Java/LDAP tweaks):
    - Less than 30sec to make the .txt
    - Creates roughly 10k accounts every 10 minutes (ran zmaccts every so often in other terminal)
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