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    At first, sorry for my bad English!

    Well, i've set up a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox with Ubuntu 8.04 installed on it.
    My Host-Machine does have the IP-Adress, the Guest-Machine has a briged Network-Interface and hast

    Both IP / Machines are in a Domain called "company.local".

    The Ubuntu-Install's Hostname is "zimbra-server", so the FQDN is

    I've set all required Settings in our DNS-Server and then i installed Zimbra 5 OS-Edition. The Installation was successfull and everything is working.

    But now i've figured out 2 Problems:

    1. If i create an external Mail-Adress, i can't set the SMTP (-Auth). I found out, that the Server sends the Mail itselfs, not over another ISP's Mailserver.

    The Problem is, we have a dynamic IP Adress and since the Installation Spamhaus blocked our IP twice! So we can't send outgoing E-Mails...

    So is there a Way to set an external Mailserver (for each User/Account)?

    2. If i send a Mail to a Zimbra-Account ( then the Mail arrives automatically (without clicking on "get mails"). But if i send a Mail to an external Mail-Adress (e.g. Mail from to (This Mail-Adress is set up as external-Mail-Account in Zimbra)) then the Mail doesn't arrive automatically! If i click on "Get Mails", then the Mail is downloaded...

    Is there a Way, that external Accounts were also checked (maybe every 60seconds) for new Mails?

    Thx and Greetz,

    EDIT: I have to say that i tried the Solution in the wiki and i read this Thread:
    BUT: After sending a Mail it takes about 3-4 Minutes, then i receive this Log-Entry in zimbra.log:

    zimbra conversation with[] timed out while receiving the initial server greeting.

    What does this mean!?
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