Hi all,

I had a problem with upgrading zimbra so I decided to reinstall zimbra with the newest zimbra version and the newest supported ubuntu. This all went well. I then made a fullbackup of the exisiting zimbra and sent the full backup via scp to the other server. I then made a script that restored all needed users via the shell. The following command is what I used to restore a account, this is what I put in the script for every user and saved it as .sh:

zmrestore -a [account@domain] -lb [label of the fullbackup]
This also went well. Now to the actual Problem. I am missing the following:

- Buddy List from the IM
- Account and signature settings (not by all users)
- Metas
- "Dienstklasse" (this is german, it has a default there, you define the mailbox limit, zimlets etc. for the users. I actually recreated those, but they now have a different ID)

What exactly do I need to do in order to get the missing information? I don't really see that an error ocurred. I rather think I'm just missing some stuff that I just need to import afterwards. Is this correct?

I thank all ahead for your support!