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Thread: cloudrouting mailbox log message

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    Question cloudrouting mailbox log message

    Hii all,

    UI really have trouble making out things from the logs...
    CAn anyone help me what does the following mean.

    "2009-06-18 07:01:12,019 INFO [CloudRoutingSR - 870108870] [] im - Accepted CloudRouting connection from host 52d7488f socket: 373279c0[SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5: Socket[addr=/x.x.x.x,port=57640,localport=7335]] session: c3 status:1 id:4510ee2a"

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    Well that is a entry from the Instant Messaging software. Most probably a polling session. And the port is one of the ZCS IM ports.

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    Red face

    Thanks a lot for the information..
    why does fakedomain... etc show which caused my anxiety..
    Thanks a lot..

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