I have been using the zimbra server since december last year with excelent results.
now I'm setting up a secundary server wich only purpouse is to be a standby server in case that the primary one fails.
I'm not very good at scripting but I've archived that the secundary server checks once at day the mail list in the primary server and updates them in the secundary, I've also managed that the secundary server checks the primary one for new users and creates them with an standard password in the secundary.
I can't get it to sync passwors yet, due to lack of perl and ldap experience.

But if could make the primary one automatically create an CSV file with the user account it would solve al my problems.
Whit the CSV file I could esaly import the user accounts to the secundary server in case of a crash and bring up the service in few minutes.

Hope someone knows how to create csv files with user accounts.

Sorry for the bad english