Our secretaries are having a calendaring issue I am hoping someone can help me solve.We are a university department. We have lots of repeating events (e.g. CS101 is taught every monday and wednesday 1-2pm in room 123).

At the beginning of every semester, the secretary adds those events to the room 123 calendar. Since she is in charge of room scheduling she has full access to room 123's calendar, so she's adding them directly onto the calendar herself - what I mean is she is not scheduling a meeting and requesting room 123 as a resource, she is directly adding an appt. to 123's calendar.

The problem comes when someone (usually herself) had already previously reserved 123 for a one-time event in the middle of the semester. In that case, there is no easy way for her to know that there would be a room conflict for one of the class instances. What she does now is before scheduling a repeating event, she pages through the calendar a week at a time for the entire semester looking to see if any week has a conflict in the timeslot that the repeating event is going into.

It would be more efficient if she could schedule the repeating event, and then get a notification that says something like "Your event has a conflict with these events" - so that she would know that on those particular days, she'll have to move one of the events to a different room or time.

I guess this is no different than wanting to know when you are double-booking yourself on your own calendar when you are doing your own repeating events.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this, other than her having to schedule the classes on her own calendar and "inviting" room 123 to participate? I know that would lead to room 123 declining the invite if there is a conflict, but the model doesn't make sense for her, since she herself is not attending the classes, so she doesn't want every class in the department on her own calendar.