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Thread: Mailbox stops about once every 2 weeks

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    Mail in deffer is in Postfix. This shouldn't cause any OOME in Tomcat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Rock
    Thanks. I may try increasing the heap size and see how long it runs for and determine if that makes a difference. At this point, I think a weekly bounce will be the work around so I stop getting called in the morning when the first employees show up. Thanks again.

    I'm getting the same out of heap space memory error that was mentioned in this thread:

    2006-07-27 14:04:18,768 FATAL [ImapSSLServer-33] [] system - Fatal error
    occurred while handling connection
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of other threads mentioning this.

    My specs are as follows:

    1) Zimbra OS Edition 3.14
    2) P4 2.8 GHz CPU
    3) 1 GB RAM
    4) 160 Total HDD space
    5) 20 users (about 8-10 of them active web mail users)

    Any notion why at this time?

    Regarding increasing the heap size, is there any special way of doing it for a Zimbra server such that I don't have to repeat it every time I restart Zimbra?


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    Look in the logs and see what the last few operations were before the OOME occurred. I've seen memory usage jump up when a really large message comes in via the SOAP interface, but then the memory is freed soon afterward.

    Take a look at /opt/zimbra/log/zimbrastats.csv and see if you can spot trends in the Java heap size. I'm looking at the numbers for our internal server, and am seeing a good number of jumps into the 300-400MB range. So it could just be that 1GB of RAM is not enough.

    You can increase the Tomcat Java VM heap size with zmlocalconfig:
    $ zmlocalconfig | grep memory
    mysql_memory_percent = 40
    tomcat_java_heap_memory_percent = 30
    If you increase Tomcat memory, you may need to drop down the amount of memory you allocate to MySQL. If you do that, keep an eye on disk activity. MySQL tends to hit the disk pretty hard when it doesn't have enough memory to work with.
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    We're seeing this as well, alarmingly frequently :/

    The stopping of the whole system seems like a huge problem to me? I'm not sure why it just doesn't bomb out of whatever process, garbage collect and then restart or *something*.

    Has anyone got any good solution or workaround to this? I've put more memory in the system which I'm sure will postpone the problem but does anyone have anything good to monitor and restart zimbra?

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    starting with the next release (3.2) there will be a tomcat manager that will restart it if it dies. if you have an acute crisis you could cron a shell script to check on it
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    Default Also seeing this - but resolved(?) by changing JVM memory

    on FC3 (upgrading when 3.2 comes out) with Zimbra 3.1.4.

    I consistently got this when a user received a message with 43MB of attachments. Once I used zmlocalconfig to allocate more memory to Java, the message came through and we are back up.


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