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Thread: [SOLVED] smtp authentication

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    Default [SOLVED] smtp authentication

    Hi. I'm a spanish user. I have a problem with the smtp and i don't find the solution

    I have a server mydominio.local with auth enable and virtual domain

    $zmprov getServer mydominio.local | grep Auth

    zimbraMtaAuthEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraMtaAuthHost: mydominio.local
    zimbraMtaAuthTarget: TRUE
    zimbraMtaAuthURL: http://mydominio.local:80/service/soap/
    zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly: TRUE

    The problem is when i sent with a outlook, thunderbird, etc... I can sent emails wihout the smtp authentification. The authentication ask me for the password but i cancel and the mail sent too.

    Any idea?


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    Default solved


    If you sent to your domain the auth is not needed. This is not open relay


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