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Thread: Please help me about samba password in zimbra

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    Default Please help me about samba password in zimbra

    Hi experts ,

    Well, I have issue with zimbra intergrated samba domain. Let me explain for you to understand what I'm facing

    I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 TLS with Zimbra version 5.0.16(64bit both). I configured samba domain as PDC to be worked with zimbra in the same server (like AD+Exchange). So my problem is. When I change password user under Zimbra Administrative then everything to be worked successfully (both sambapassword & password mailbox in Zimbra) so I can logon into windowsXP to access my samba share as well. But when I logon into zimbra mailbox and go to preferences option or the password to be changed by press ctrl+alt+del to change password on WindowsXP, after that I only can access my mailbox with the new password that to be changed but I can not logon into windowsXp with the new one to access my samba server or only access samba server but the e-mail password doesn't. So has anyone got this issue yet ? Please trying to assist me to configure this

    With any asstance to be appreciated,
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    I have come across similar issues with the samba/LDAP integration. It seems like the smb password only gets changed when changing your password in the ZWC but not from external sources. Is there maybe a script or something that can be run to sync up the passwords?

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    Yes, the most difficult for me are things :

    - Firstly, changing the password from WindowsXP by using control+alt+del(When loged on samba domain) and it's not updated to the password of zimbra mailbox

    - The second point is changing password from webmail of zimbra and it's not updated to samba domain account also

    I wonder, if one of those issues can be solved perfectly, I'll be able to decide to use one of them

    I used to hear there are some solutions can be solved this problem. But until now I haven't seen that yet, If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please kindly announce me to do follow.

    Thank you very much indeed,

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    Default change passwords from zimbra webclient

    Did you get this to work right?
    I'm on zimbra 6.02 on centos 5.3 x86_64, and password changed from zimbra admin work ok, but passwords changed from the zimbra webclient actually only change the password to zimbra [mail] - not samba/posix -

    Does the work for zimbra 6? anyone tried it?

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