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Thread: Zimbra connection issues

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    Default Zimbra connection issues

    We are using zimbra 3.1.3 GA_474.FC4 FOSS Edition for last 3 years without any major problem. Internal users are are connected through thunderbird client (IMAP). Recently we are facing the following problems:

    1. All mails starts to stuckup in deffered though all serverces are running a particular time. We have to restart zimbra once a day

    2. Many times a day, users faces problem to access folder through the client (Erros show: connection timed out). While sending message, message generally deliverd, but it takes long time to copy in sent folder. Disk i/o seems to okay.

    Any help will be highly appreciated

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    Welcome to the forums

    Plan a upgrade as that is very out of date

    I would check your system completely ie. all logs files, dmesg, run a memory check aswell.

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