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Thread: Corrupted OS and upgrade option

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    Default Corrupted OS and upgrade option

    We had a major outage over the weekend and now our Fedora 7 Zimbra box won't boot up. It gets to a point and just hangs. I know I need to upgrade Fedora to 10 so I was wondering if that would be an option and if I do that, would it hurt my Zimbra install or would I need to do something there?

    I am down a couple of version in Zimbra so I could upgrade that if I need to.

    Also, I need a good troubleshooting guide for Linux so if you have a good weblink, please shoot it my way.


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    As far as I can tell, upgrading should be no problem if you stick with the same OS type (32/64bit).
    If your Zimbra data is corrupted, though, that will not be enough.

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    Well first thing I would do is find myself a Knoppix :: Boot CD so that you can bring up the server in a controlled manner, mount the partition where Zimbra is installed and copy off all the current data (/opt/zimbra). You could then just re-install the O/S, install the same version of Zimbra as you were running before using a dummy install, copy /opt/zimbra back, and then fire up the services. At that point you could attempt a upgrade.

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