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Thread: Failing to send but can receive

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    Default Failing to send but can receive

    Hie guys

    Please help with my zimbra server

    I am able to receive mail both from outside and inside but cannot send to outside addresses except local ones. When i try to check mail queue i get this error code 22

    Server Error encountered: Error code: Service Failure method: GetMailQueueInforequest
    details: soap: Receiver

    There are no mail queues.

    Please I need to be able to send mail outside. I have a DNS primari and seconday and a mail server which is running zimbra. the mail server has a public address and a private one.

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    Why does your mail server have a private IP & a Public IP? Have you set-up a Split DNS?


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    Look at Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki
    We had the same issues setting up our installation at first. Then after reading this carefully and setting up a split dns it's been working without a problem.
    Especially the part that says "nslookup
    It should return the internal address of your server instead of the external address. This should also allow Postfix to deliver mail to your mailboxes."

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