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Thread: [SOLVED] Old mail and multiple volumes

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    I have been playing with the Community Edition of Zimbra for a little while now and doing extensive searches of these forums and the wiki for various solutions. In the most part my questions have been answered.

    One area I am struggling to deal with is how to deal with "old" mail in the Community Edition. The current plan is for the user base to use only webmail and so they are not going to be able to "archive" themselves. In any event, my experience is users are reluctant to archive anything let alone delete things!

    One approach I am going to try is to use multiple volumes. The idea is to have a new volume for each year. When the year changes, a new volume is created and made "current". I would prefer to be able to "move" all mail meeting a certain criteria to another volume. In this way I could more easily maintain the "current" volume on faster storage media and all other volumes on cheaper storage.

    Firstly, can anyone see a flaw in this approach?
    Secondly, what would be the impact on Zimbra of making the other volumes read-only? (Making them read only would reduce the backup procedure to having only to deal with the current volume.)


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    Tried a simple test which resulted in error.

    Whilst zimbra started up ok when the non-current stores were offline, the system moaned when applying a search which included messages it could not locate.

    Never miind.

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