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Thread: Doubt about zmscheduled backup

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    Default Doubt about zmscheduled backup

    Hi all,

    I have a doubt spinning around... so I have set my custom schedulebackup in zimbra

    f 0 20 * * 6 -a all
    i 0 23 * * 0-5 -a all
    d 6d 0 0 * * *

    So, I'm sure that full backup begins at 20.00 of each saturday and finish more or less at 23.30 now, but the size of accounts is increasing and maybe in the next weeks will finish later than 00.00 of Sunday. So I need to know if delete process will begin with the start date of full backup or the finish date, because if full backup finish at 00.30 of sunday daybreak when will it erase?

    That problems comes with storage space, so i need to be sure that before new full start, previous had been erased.

    Can you help me?


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    nobody knows????

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