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Thread: Very HIGH CPU usage without any traffic :/

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    Default Very HIGH CPU usage without any traffic :/

    Hello administrators,

    From 2 days i got very strange issue, i never had this before.
    My local Zimbra server took 100 % of CPU from 2 days 24/7.

    I even try fsck but it doesn't solve my problem.

    First what i would like to show is output from nmon.
    I can't see there process what take almost all cpu. CPU Utilization show usage by system at 92 %.

    then i try with atop

    but no answer.

    Then i try with memory
    I know 2,5 gb is to small, but should work.

    And as you see, in swap 0 Mb - free 1,5 GB.

    Then i show load:

    It's very hight according, there is no "real load".

    I attach syslog and messages. Myself i can't find there problem.
    I really don't know what should i do.

    2 days before, everything work great. I don't do any changes.
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