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Thread: Zimbra Remote Calendar over FTP

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    Default Zimbra Remote Calendar over FTP


    I'm trying to add a remote ICS calendar that lives at ftp://admin:password@server.domain.c...pportunity.ics
    (It's an OpenERP installation that publishes calendars on an FTP server)
    to my ZCS 5.0.16_GA_2921.UBUNTU6 installation on Ubuntu dapper.

    I can wget the calendar from the Zimbra server so it's not a firewall problem, and if I copy the ICS file to an HTTP location without authentication it works fine. But with the above mentioned URL it just says:

    Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.

    Is the FTP protocol not supported ?
    Is specifying authentication not supported ?
    Is specifying a different port not supported ?
    Or is this supposed to work ?



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    Any solution for that problem?


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