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Thread: sending and receiving withouth public IP

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    Default sending and receiving withouth public IP


    After several Zimbra implementations in Africa, we find ourselves with a new configuration.

    We are currently in one country (DR Congo) where the configuration does not allow us to have a public IP address (or if not cost prohibitive). We are within the ISP VLAN that has assigned a private address.

    The only public IP address is hers to pass that our requests (and it does not do port forwarding). (I know, we should change ISP but unfortunately it is the case everywhere).

    Is there a way to set Zimbra and OVH so Zimbra can send and receive mail that would look on a remote server, like a Web client would?

    thank you in advance for your help,
    'Satisfaite ,heureuse et sure de moi'

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    Well, to get your email into your zimbra server, you need to forward traffic on port 25 into zimbra.
    You saying that you can't do port forwarding in the router (or whatever) that is connected to this public IP. That makes it a lot harder.

    Hmmm.. Am thinking about a VPN where you join zimbra with a public IP number. It exist operators for that or you can set it up yourself. You simply connect your zimbra server using openvpn with an external server that gives a public IP or can forward port 25 traffic from a public IP.
    This way your zimbra server initiate the VPN tunnel and you do not need to open any ports.

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    Why not to use fetchmail to retreive your messages from the outside server and save them in Zimbra?

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