I'm trying to move my company from Exchange to Zimbra. Currently I have about 10 users migrated and everything is working well. The obsticle that I need to overcome is the addition and removal of users. Currently there is a script in place for Exchange that will add/remove a user based on entries from payroll. The script is Tab delimited and has the user, domain (there are 13), employee number, and their status (active,inactive). I need to find a way to take this file and add a user if they're put in active status or remove a user if they're inactive. I also need it to set their password to their employee number and set the domain according to which office they work at..

The file we'll be using looks like this:

User Domain Emp# Status
Jim Smith Office1 123456 Active
Jon Smith Office2 112345 Inactive
Jan Smith Office3 111345 Active

I could also make this file a CSV if needed or manipulate the fields as needed.. I need an idea of how to accomplish this before I can migrate all of the offices....

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.