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Thread: Zimbra and Samba

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    Default Zimbra and Samba

    Guys, I have successully installed zimbra in a fedore 4 machine. Now I have a tremendous doubt... Since today I use a w2k3srv+AD+Exchange2003, Im wiling to migrate to a linux box with samba as a domain controller, sharing zimbra's OpenLDAP, All in the same machine.
    Is it possible to do it? Will I be able to have the same user to authenticate to both zimbra anda samba (Domain Controller) at the same time? Or will I need to create 2 users?
    Will that be done by using samba's swat, or zimbra's admin page?

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    We have not tested this yet inside Zimbra, although there's nothing stopping you from trying. Samba supports LDAP so you should be able to configure it in such a way that the Zimbra LDAP also serves as a LDAP master for your Samba install.

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    Default Zimbra+Samba

    Hi Guys,

    I just recently installed Zimbra on CentOS4 and its working great. Not issues. Now as every administrator wants to throw away MS-SBS I too want to. But problem using Zimbra is I will end up with another account for Samba. Yes I know I can use Zimbra LDAP for that purpose but the details collected in Zimbra LDAP no where stores users home directory. Is there any way out there. Any help v.much appreciated....



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