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Thread: Admin URL not working after install

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    I tried that as well it also failed.

    When I ran the installer I didn't use the hostname as the domain I just used the domain name.
    hostname is
    I used as the domain

    I didn't use is the admin
    I used

    Is there a config file where I can look this up or edit it if it needs to be the hostname for the domain?


    Oh.. you guys have been a great help!
    by far the best help I gotten from any open source software..(and most software companies that my company spent big bucks on)

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    Default zimbraMailHost

    Quote Originally Posted by kennyfordham
    That worked!
    I now get the login admin page, but it fails to authenicate. I confirmed that I'm using the same admin ID and passwd that's in the config.XXX file in the /tmp directory.

    The hostname is set to, just the prompt only shows "mail"

    Best regards,
    Kenny Fordham
    run zmprov ga <> and look for zimbraMailHost attribute - is that set to the same hostname as returned by zmprov gas?

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    Yes it is.
    I used the zmprov untilty to reset the admin password.
    I can get in now..
    Thanks for all your help.

    Best Regards,
    Kenny Fordham

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