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Thread: Unable to start tomcat

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    Great. You help me a lot. Just upgrade it with the exact same version can solve it. Thank you.


    Quote Originally Posted by wannabetenor
    Okay, try this:

    Keep your backup in a safe place.
    Make sure nothing is running.
    Uninstall zimbra from your new box (./ -u)
    Delete the /opt/zimbra dir
    untar the zimbra file to /opt/zimbra
    Install the EXACT version you used to have (the one in the tar)
    Then upgrade.

    Good luck, and I'll be here.

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    Check the permissions of the /opt/zimbra/log directory itself, ie: ls -l /opt/zimbra

    Also, did you use "su - zimbra" or just "su zimbra" ?? The first one is correct.

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