Hello everyone !

I am quite new to zimbra and just installed the trial version. We are exploring this product which seems quite interesting. I do have a couple of questions for you guys who have experience with the product :


- We plan on building our mail architecture on a solid vmware environnement. Would you say it's best to :
Have one big fat hard drive for the whole installation
Add an extra big hard drive in the vm for message and mount it in /opt or whatever
Add an iSCSI target to our SAN


- We are today using a combination of Spam Assasin, clamav, mailscanner and mailwatch which works I must say quite well. (we don't have HAM or SPAM folders though) but we do get a nice visualisation of what's happening thanks to mailwatch and each user gets a feed each day with blocked spam etc.. How does this work in Zimbra ? I have sent myself the famous spam message chain but I think that one gets blocked directly at MTA level so it does not even appear in the junk folder. When is that folder used ? I sent myself some explicit material emails but all of them went directly in my Inbox.

- How does the learning bayes filter work ? Is it by user / domain or global ? If the latter, isn't then possible for a random user to put chaos in the whole spam protection system ?

- Is there any way to get a detailled view on blocked spam etc āla Mailwatch ?


-It seems it's not possible to put a global quota on a domain, this is very frustrating and looks like it's going to be quite a pain to delegate admin for domains. I already voted for the bug even though we are not yet customers ^^ It seems the only workaround is by creating MULTIPLE COS..

- We have some domains with MANY user aliases or accounts, isn't possible to filter those lists by domain ? All I seem to get is a big global list.

- Can you add contacts in the GAL (like shared contacts) ?

- How do you statistics like : number of sent emails (by user, domain, global) used bandwidth of sent emails (by user, domain, global)

I'm sure I'll have many more questions but I think this is already a good start

Thanks to anyone who can give me a few answers !!